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Geostrategic Challenges: Pacific Elders’ Voice Perspectives

Sometimes it shouldn’t be a question about who gives you more money, but rather on who will respect your integrity and independence.

Talanoa on Leadership for a Sustainable Pacific

Conversation with Pacific Islands Youth and Elders on challenges and opportunities for future generation.

Australia is funding just one-tenth of its fair share of global climate action, study finds

Wealthy high-polluting countries to face growing calls from poorer nations to help cover cost of extreme weather and sea level rises.

About Pacific Elders Voice

Pacific Elders’ Voice is an independent group of prominent leaders. They are dedicated to serving the Pacific’s current and future challenges and opportunities.

Our purpose is to provide guidance and advice that will strengthen Pacific resilience. In particular to current and future environmental, security, and human rights threats. We provide constructive policy inputs for current and future challenges and opportunities facing the Pacific Nations.

Central to our values are that we are pacific lead as an organisation. This is critical to ensure we have custodianship and connection across the region. In our endeavours, we will ensure justice is at the forefront of our work. Working with Pacific groups, we will empower our youth and continue striving for Pacific independence.