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Geostrategic Challenges: Pacific Elders’ Voice Perspectives

Sometimes it shouldn’t be a question about who gives you more money, but rather on who will respect your integrity and independence.

Talanoa on Leadership for a Sustainable Pacific

Conversation with Pacific Islands Youth and Elders on challenges and opportunities for future generation.

Australia is funding just one-tenth of its fair share of global climate action, study finds

Wealthy high-polluting countries to face growing calls from poorer nations to help cover cost of extreme weather and sea level rises.

Pacific leaders ask Australia to fix climate damage

Pacific leaders are asking the Federal Government to fund a standalone finance arm, to help Pacific countries fix the loss and damage they suffer due to climate change.

Moral duty to pay on climate crisis: Oxfam

Australia in its “moral duty” would pay compensation to developing countries battered by climate change-fuelled natural disasters under a push by Pacific Island nations.

Albanese’s bid to host UN climate conference ‘hypocritical’: Pacific statesmen

The Albanese government would look hypocritical leading a Pacific nations bid to host a United Nations climate conference, according to regional statesmen.

Real climate action will cement Australia’s reconnection with Pacific

For almost a decade, Australia’s engagement with the Pacific has been perceived as inauthentic.

[VIDEO] Please stop the process of climate change, we are hurting,” former Pacific Presidents on ABC News

Their Excellencies Anote Tong, former President of Kiribati and Tommy E. Remengesau Jr., former President of Palau spoke to ABC News as part of a tour organised by Pacific Elders Voice and the Edmund Rice Centre.

‘Our future is at stake’: Pacific Elders call on ‘big brother’ Australia to take lead on climate change

The former presidents of Kiribati and Palau are calling for deeper cuts to emissions and for new coal and gas projects to be cut down or stopped.

Australia should be regional ‘big brother’

Australia’s push to host a global climate change conference would be a “contradiction” with the approval of new coal and gas projects, former Pacific leaders say.

Former Pacific Island leaders call for Australia to stop climate ‘contradiction’

Two world leaders have shared the key reason they feel it’s “wrong” to support Australia in holding a major international conference.

Former Pacific island leaders Anote Tong and Thomas Remengesau Jr says Australia took the region for granted

Australia must not take Pacific nations for granted as it has in the past as China looms as an alternative partner which offers “significant benefits”, two former presidents from the region have warned.

Former Pacific Island leaders Anote Tong and Thomas Remengesau Jr call out Australia’s commitment to climate action

Former Pacific Island nation presidents have challenged the Albanese government to “walk the talk” on climate action and start phasing out of the fossil fuels which threaten the future of their region.